Bad Credit Fix It Now On Your Own!!

Bad Credit Cost You Money

Bad Credit cost you money and much more. A while back cash was king; not anymore good credit will take you far. It can be the difference between getting a home, car or personal loan. The better your credit is the better interest rate that you can have.  Bad credit will have you paying a lot more in the long run. You need to take a look at your credit often. The credit reporting agencies aren’t perfect as we all know.

Your credit is your responsibility not everyone has bad credit and the ones that do it’s not always their fault. Continue reading “Bad Credit Fix It Now On Your Own!!”

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The Silent Killer You Need To Avoid!

The Silent Killer You Need To Avoid!

the silent killer

The Silent Killer that I’m referring to is inflation. It is the number one killer of your finances. Have you seen the price of gas going up due to the hurricanes? I remember when gas was less then a dollar. As a kid my mom would give me a dollar to go to the store. With that dollar I could buy a soda, chips, cookie and penny candies. Try that today the silent killer won’t even allow you to pay for the soda. Continue reading “The Silent Killer You Need To Avoid!”

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Pay Yourself First To Create Wealth!

Pay Yourself First To Create Wealth!

What Does It Mean To Pay Yourself First


Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself First to create wealth. Just like you pay your rent, mortgage, electric, water and gas bills. You have to start paying yourself first. If not you’ll be working for money all your life; and will never have your money working for you. You’ll continue living check to check until you die. Is that what you want out of life? Just to work pay bills and die broke!! Continue reading “Pay Yourself First To Create Wealth!”

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Two Financial Objectives You Need To Live!

Two Financial Objectives You Need To Live!

What Are Financial Objectives


Financial Objectives-iamstevebrooks.comThe two Financial Objectives that are needed to live a productive life are. You need to earn enough income to take care of your daily needs, and when you retire. You need to earn enough $$$ to do things.Like pay your rent or mortgage, lights heating and cooling of your home. Enhance your financial objectives. Continue reading “Two Financial Objectives You Need To Live!”

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A Network Marketing Business From Home

Here’s Why You Should Start A Network marketing business


Image of <strong>Network marketing business</strong>

A Network marketing business can enhance your life if you believe it can. Work hard stay committed get the training and you’ll see changes in your life. This industry has created more millionaires then any other. It is a direct sales career that can make you wealthy. Way faster then your current job. Continue reading “A Network Marketing Business From Home”

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Mobile Marketing Can Increase Your Business

Mobile Marketing And Business

Image of <u>mobile marketing</u>


A good mobile marketing campaign should be implemented in your business marketing plan. You can build your brand while building a list for your business. Most everyone has a smart phone nowadays. This allows you to access the internet and all the social sites. You can create a short text which must have informative content to send someone to your offer. Continue reading “Mobile Marketing Can Increase Your Business”

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Wisdom And Knowledge Creates Wealth

You’ll Need wisdom and knowledge To Create Wealth



Wisdom and knowledge is needed to create wealth. As my Mentor Mr. Ivey Stokes states in the video. You need to gain knowledge and wisdom to change your life. You have to have the right mindset before you become wealthy. If not as fast as you get it you’ll loose it. Continue reading “Wisdom And Knowledge Creates Wealth”

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Pay No Taxes Like The The Wealthy

You too can Pay no taxes As The Wealthy Do

Do you know why the wealthy pay no taxes? June Collier explains in the video above.This is because most are business owners. Which allow them more tax deductions then a W2 employee. As a W2 employee you can only deduct the taxes you pay on your house, you get a tax credit for getting married. You also can get a credit for having kids, also you can make charitable donations to reduce the income you report when you file. Continue reading “Pay No Taxes Like The The Wealthy”

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The Best Ways To Make Extra Money

Some ways to make extra money

Image of ways to make extra money

Most everyone is looking for ways to make extra money nowadays. You have people working two and three jobs to make ends meet. But inflation along with taxes is taking your money as fast as you make it. Then you add in the debt you’ve incurred throughout your life. This is holding you back from creating wealth. Continue reading “The Best Ways To Make Extra Money”

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