Capitalistic Society In America I Love It!

This Capitalistic Society Is Cool


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America is a Capitalistic Society meaning that it’s the big business owners that set the prices on the product and services that we need and use. In a Socialist Society the Government sets the prices. In America anyone can become a millionaire. You can become a business owner and sell products or services. The more you sell the more you make.

Big businesses have built a brand that people are attached to. They charge what they want for their products not what they’re worth. People that sell the products make the prices in a capitalistic society. Look how crazy it gets during the Christmas season. The hard to get items prices skyrocket. Some are marked up 100-500%. But people stand in long lines to try to get these items.

Think if you could look into the future and know months in advance what the hot item would be. Then purchase most of them you can set your own price and make millions. You see this is how things happen in a Capitalistic Society. Your life can change in in instant from struggling to having it made.

Everyone Is Flocking To This Capitalistic Society

America is the greatest country in the world. You have foreigners flocking here in droves to this Capitalistic Society. The new President Elect Donald Trump.He is even talking about building a wall to keep them from coming here illegally. They know that in this country you can have it all. The life of your dreams. All you need is the right mindset, a vision with a plan and hard work.

Most Americans that are born here and not raised or around a family of entrepreneurs, they are told go to school, get a good education so you can get a good job. Then you have to work that job 40 hours a week for 40 years to retire off of 40% of the income you were making. The smart ones know its better to build their own empire in this Capitalistic Society. Then to build another’s.

There is nothing wrong with a job it’s needed if you’re not well off or born with a silver spoon. But a job is not enough, you need more then the 40-40-40 plan. That was the old plan how many people you know stay with one job forty years? Some work 10 or more in  that time frame. Most of the foreigners come to this Capitalistic Society to start their own business.

You Should Love This Capitalistic Society

In this Capitalistic Society you have more options on what you want and need. You can go to a movie and choose between 10 different movies. Have your choice of overpriced snacks. Yes the bis businesses do get crazy with their pricing at times. Remember it’s all about supply and demand. Gas is so high because it’s in demand. You want to lower gas prices lets start a movement to use less. The price would drop due to over supply.

Like I was saying earlier if you’re just working a job in this Capitalistic Society you need more. Start a business from home to help you offset inflation. Which along with taxes, debt also big business you know all those over priced things you like to buy.

So America is not a bad place to be and capitalism is in all corners of the earth. It’s all about making a profit, which is what everyone wants. A lot of people (not you) want to be wealthy and not have to worry about finances. In these day and times anyone can it’s a Capitalistic Society.


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