Do You Think Like A Poor Man or A Rich Man?

Which Do You Think Like

Do You Think Like A Rich Man or A Poor Man? I’ve been reading two great books the past couple of weeks, one is “Crush It” ,by Gary Vaynerchuk. Which talks about how the world is changing to a technology world.

He talks about how it’s time to do what you want in life. I tell you more about it later. I do want to tell you about the other book which is “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth” by T. Harv Eker. Now this book really got my interest from the first  page .

But when he asked “Do You Think Like A Rich Man or A Poor Man”. I had to really look at myself. You see  I realized that all this years I’d been thinking like a poor man. Here I was wanting to be rich but working  in the robot world to help  someone else create their wealth. Get off the poor mans watch.

Poor Man Recipes

Let me explain the “Robot World”, it’s where you set your clock to be at a job where they told you what time to be there. Then what to do that day, when to take your break, lunch and time to leave.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but this comes from thinking like a  Poor Man and not a Rich Man. If you ask a 100 people would the like to be rich 98% would probably say yes. You can still be a rich poor man if you don’t change your thoughts.

See a lot of people  want to be rich but don’t want to do the things to be rich. They play the Lottery, go to the Casino and lots of other ways  trying to hit the big one to be rich.

The Choice Is Yours

Well let me tell you, the only ones getting rich off these hustles are the Lottery, Casino and the others that run these hustles. All of these are a Poor mans thoughts. Change your tune, stop listening to the poor man lyrics.

A Rich Man would think of his own hustle. If  Rich Man lost all of his money and  had to go work in the “Robot World”, you can bet you lottery money that he won’t be there for long.

His mind is set on being rich and not making others rich. His thoughts will bring ways to create wealth because he learned to educate his mind, and you can believe he knows about wealth creation. I hate when people tell me there bored, hell read a book.

It may even help you to stop thinking like a Poor man and start thinking like Rich Man. You know what they say “as a man think a man does”.If you don’t like what you do change it  and do what you Love! And stop thinking like a poor man.



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