Happy Fathers Day! From IamSteveBrooks, I Am A good Dad!

Happy Fathers Day

I got a call from my oldest daughter today she said happy fathers day to the Greatest Dad in the World.Happy fathers day I got my fathers day cards. But the call made my day. I to want to say happy fathers day, to  all the great fathers out there.

I’m not talking about the ones that are not in there kids lives. I’m talking about the ones that go to work hard to keep a roof over there kids head. That’s the best fathers day gift you can give your kids.

Taking care of  family should be your number one priority, your children look up to you and need you in there life. I was blessed with a wonderful father Mr. Silver Brooks  and still can call on him anytime for advice or just to see how he’s doing. He worked at General Motors for 33 years mostly on 2nd shift.

I remember that my father was always hustling while working at General Motors. Rather it be working on cars or selling bread.


“happy fathers day” Dad

He worked hard for all those year to do what a man is suppose to do take care of his family. When I was growing up I wanted to be just like him and get a job at General Motors, hell they paid good.

But when I became old enough to make this happen, happy fathers day!, the Big 3 started shutting down plants and laying people off . First off  I had a daughter to take care of , so I decided to join the military.

I had family and friends that had done it, so after checking the branches I choose the United States Navy. Then I got married to my daughters mother, trying to be like my dad and raise my kids right. I had fun saw the world and had my first son.

You Can Change Your Life Happy Fathers Day

When I got out the Navy I had to get busy and get a job to take care of my family. I went back to Detroit,MI  stayed a year and was off on another opportunity. Happy Fathers Day, I Am A Good Dad, Chester, PA. here we come. I worked all kind of jobs to take care of my family trading time for money.

I got the job I went there for 4 months after arriving working a rotating shift. Me and my wife divorced in 1992, I moved back to Detroit with my 3 oldest the 2-6-8 , and with the help of my family, mostly my Mom and my Dad raised them as a single father. My kids are now ages 20-22-26-28  2 boys and 2 girls.

I wish I knew back when they were young what I know now. Trading time for money I missed out on a lot , but still my children tell me I am a good Dad. So what I’ve learned is that do what you love and be the best at it, And if your not doing what you love change it. And spend all the time you can with your kids. And Happy Fathers Day!



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