Hello World! I am Steve Brooks!

Hello world Hello World

Hello World! I am Steve Brooks. I live in Phoenix, AZ, but I’m originally from Detroit Motor City. I served 4 years in the U.S Navy and have visited a lot of places. I’ve been living here in Phoenix since 2003.

I got into Network Marketing back in 2000. It’s was something I had never heard of. I always new that in sales you could make a decent living. Hello world it is me.

I went looking for sales jobs after the service but most were saying this word I had not heard of ‘commission’. Hello world so I have to sell something to get paid? With a family of six that just would not cut it so I had to find a job that I new if I put the hours in I’d get a check on payday.

I worked the plan that was told to me by my parents. Go to school, get a good education, get a good job, pay your bills, put a little away and you will be good to go until you retire. Hello world hello world.

Well I tried that plan even worked a few jobs here in Phoenix. Hello World! I am Steve Brooks. When I was younger and people would ask me “What do you want to be when you grow up”. “Richie Rich” would be my reply, hell he had everything even a dog named dollar. Hello World.

Hello World I Wanna Be Rich

Hello World! myecon the Network Marketing company I am with decided to get into the then booming Mortgage business they we’re also offering to help you get your Insurance license also.

I chose the Mortgage business to sell $$$, instead of Insurance being that Mortgages could be done with out having to take any real classes. I did a few quick courses over the internet learned the Mortgage business and got certified.I knew this was the way only problem was that I was good to go to do the Mortgage Business, but one problem they weren’t licensed to sell in AZ hello world.

So one day in 2005 my wife decided to get her Arizona Real Estate license (she got her MI license in 93) and find a Real Estate company. Hello World. She reminded me of our plan to sell Real Estate together when we got to AZ. I still didn’t want to go to school but when she went and talked to a Real Estate Recruiter I was intrigued a little, but wanted to stay with mortgages.

Hello World, I am Steve Brooks! He told me they had a mortgage company, he sent over to talk to this guy they called Bear.

I went over to meet this guy named Bear to see what he had to offer. As soon as I walked in his office he said ” What do you do?” I told him I work in the Chemical Industry, which I had been in since getting out of the Navy in 1986.

I told him I wanted to do loans but the company I was with can’t sell in Arizona. He said “Quit your job, come work for us, commission only”. Hello world I am Steve Brooks there’s that word again.

Hello World I’ve Changed my way of thinking

I listened to his plan and then he introduced me to a great mentor of mine Mr. Letang Sebele who asked the same thing Bear did “where you work, quit your job and come work with us”.

I thought about it then asked If I could do it part-time. He stated “normally I don’t let people work part time cause I get part time results, but being that your wife is a Realtor with the company I’ll work with you”.

At the time I was working the midnight shift, I took a week off to go through his training then was off and running. Hello World! I would go to work at the chemical plant from 11pm-7am go sleep till 9am then I would head to the Mortgage office till they put me out.

I did this for 2 months, did like Bear and Letang asked me to do quit my Job. As you all know that lasted a few years I made money like I had never seen before, and then things changed I had lost it all.

Hello World! I had very good income, but it was only one stream of income. I still had my my Econ business also but had only been using it for the tax breaks, and when the mortgage deals stopped so did the very big checks.

Back to what I knew the Chemical industry. I went back to a job working a swing shift to pay the bills. Then I would look at my check after putting in 80 hrs every 2 weeks and started to think back to when I was young fishing with my Granny and she’d have 3-4 poles in the water.

I’d say Granny why you have all them poles in the water,”She’d say you get more fish that way”. Hello World! I am Steve Brooks and now I know that having one income stream will not make my life like Richie Rich. Where I would be able to create a legacy for my kids, kids, kids, kids. Hello World.

This is why everyday I Hustle!


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