Inflation Is Stealing Your Money!

Inflation Is Stealing Your Money

Inflation is stealing your money faster then you can make it. My mentor Brian Beane explains in the the video. Your Job Alone Is Not Enough. Along with taxes, debt and big businesses. Things are costing a lot more these days. What you could by for twenty dollars five years ago; you’re paying $30-$35.

Even when you get a pay raise at work inflation is way ahead of you. A job alone is not enough. A job will give you what you need to survive. Things like paying your rent or mortgage, gas, lights, water, cable along with cellphone bills ect… But to build wealth you need to do more. You can only work for so long. Inflation never stops working against you.

During your working years the money you make you use most of it to live on and if you’re smart you are putting some away for when you retire. This being a 401K plan through your employer with company matched funds. Are you on track for your retirement? Do you put away enough towards your retirement? Are you staying ahead of Inflation?

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Inflation And You

With inflation, taxes, deductions for your retirement, medical, dental also optical in some cases. You see why a job alone is not enough. to stay ahead you need to invest in yourself. Learn other ways to make money besides a job. You need to earn money off other peoples money along with their time.

Your boss(the company owner) is earning income off of your time. You need to learn how to stay ahead of inflation. To do this you need to keep more of the money that you make. The easiest way to do this is invest in yourself first. Learn about income-shifting and pay less in taxes.

This is what most smart people do. They start a business while working a W2 job. This allows them to stay ahead of inflation. By filling out their W4 the correct way. Which will allow you to claim more exemptions. This will have less taxes taken out of each paycheck(bring home more money). Then you can start to eliminate some of your debt start to beat inflation.

Get Ahead Of Inflation

Millions of Americans have very little or no wealth at all. Inflation, taxes and debt are killing the American Dream. That is to live the life of your dreams. Don’t just go through life without leaving your mark. What do you want to be remembered for? Someone that followed the crowd or the one that did something different?

You need to get out of debt so you can have more income to invest into your future. Put more into your retirement and investment accounts. Working a job alone will not get you there. Start a business working from home. Work your business a few hours a week with the intent to make money. Get ahead of Inflation.

A business will give you the extra income to create a better life for you and your family. There is nothing wrong with a good job. It’s OK if you’re making six figures or more, but you’re in a higher tax bracket also. So look at starting a business to help you save on taxes, eliminate debt, increase your wealth(through investments), which will stop inflation from stealing your money.


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