MyEcon Teaches You How To Stop Overpaying Taxes

Stop being underpaid with myecon

More Knowledge From Mr. Keith Tucker a True myecon leader breaks it down like this to stop Overpaying Taxes and not be underpaid!
To stop being underpaid. You must 1st get a  MyEcon business!!! As long as you are trying to make a profit and you follow the IRS’s Byzantine rules on  taking and documenting your business expenses. What job pays the most is not enough.

But with the MyEcon Expense Organizer that you get with your business. You then can write off your business expenses (necessary, ordinary and reasonable, of course).

The irony of this approach is that you are already paying most of these expenses now; the use of your car, entertaining, vacationing, etc. When you perform the same activities with a business objective, they magically become business deductions. Helping you from overpaying taxes and being underpaid.

With myEcon will not be Overpaying taxes or be Underpaid.

Example. You drive your family to the mall on Saturday. That is clearly not a business expense. However, you stop to make a sales call or deliver product to a client near the mall.

That trip now becomes primarily a business use of your car and the government will allow you to write off approximately 51 cents per mile for business use of your car. 1,000 miles equals a $510 write off. This helps you from Overpaying Taxes and Being Underpaid!myecon

You go out to dinner with friends or do you take prospects or clients out to dinner, see the difference? The government will let you deduct ½ of the dinner’s cost, providing you properly support the expense with documentation.

MyEcon will teach you how to stop Overpaying Taxes and how to not be Underpaid. Certainly in the beginning, when you are getting your myecon business off the ground.

When you suddenly wake up and figure out how to re-characterize more of your personal expenses, you will probably lose money, at least on paper. But you won’t be underpaid.

You will actually spend the same money you were already spending on cars, entertainment, travel, etc. but you cleverly gave them a business twist, so now they are deductible.

HELLO!!!! Remember, when a business loses money the government allows it to write it off against other income. Can you think of any other income you might have to write off your losses against?

What job pays the most myEcon

Come on, think really, really hard! What about your salary. Your job or self-employment income! Right on! You can deduct your MyEcon business losses against that income. Saving You from Overpaying Taxes, and being Underpaid.

Do you know MyEcon can pay your kids to perform business tasks for you. You pay them a tax deductible salary as opposed to giving them an allowance! These tax write offs reduce your income taxes, meaning, you are not Overpaying Taxes.

This will allow you to get a much larger refund at the end of the year, right? But you are not going to have to wait. MyEcon can show you how to go into work the day after you start your MyEcon business and change the amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck and stop being underpaid.

Then by correcting your W4.In most cases, that will mean from $500-$1,000 more per month in your pay check. Your Instant Pay Raise without going through the hassle of asking your boss. Sales is one of the most enjoyable jobs that pays well.

MyEcon is changing lives, So make the smart move, learn Stop Overpaying Taxes and Being Underpaid join Myecon!
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  3. Write down everything. Then you will know what is best to do for your taxes.

    1. Steve

      we have a complete expense organizer in our back office

  4. Thanks for the info Steve. I’m going to do more research into this thanks to you.

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      I would be glad to share some info with you connect with me on one of the social sites

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