Do You Think Like A Poor Man or A Rich Man?

Which Do You Think Like

Do You Think Like A Rich Man or A Poor Man? I’ve been reading two great books the past couple of weeks, one is “Crush It” ,by Gary Vaynerchuk. Which talks about how the world is changing to a technology world.

He talks about how it’s time to do what you want in life. I tell you more about it later. I do want to tell you about the other book which is “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth” by T. Harv Eker. Now this book really got my interest from the first  page .

But when he asked “Do You Think Like A Rich Man or A Poor Man”. I had to really look at myself. You see  I realized that all this years I’d been thinking like a poor man. Here I was wanting to be rich but working  in the robot world to help  someone else create their wealth. Get off the poor mans watch.

Poor Man Recipes

Let me explain the “Robot World”, it’s where you set your clock to be at a job where they told you what time to be there. Then what to do that day, when to take your break, lunch and time to leave.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but this comes from thinking like a  Poor Man and not a Rich Man. If you ask a 100 people would the like to be rich 98% would probably say yes. You can still be a rich poor man if you don’t change your thoughts.

See a lot of people  want to be rich but don’t want to do the things to be rich. They play the Lottery, go to the Casino and lots of other ways  trying to hit the big one to be rich.

The Choice Is Yours

Well let me tell you, the only ones getting rich off these hustles are the Lottery, Casino and the others that run these hustles. All of these are a Poor mans thoughts. Change your tune, stop listening to the poor man lyrics.

A Rich Man would think of his own hustle. If  Rich Man lost all of his money and  had to go work in the “Robot World”, you can bet you lottery money that he won’t be there for long.

His mind is set on being rich and not making others rich. His thoughts will bring ways to create wealth because he learned to educate his mind, and you can believe he knows about wealth creation. I hate when people tell me there bored, hell read a book.

It may even help you to stop thinking like a Poor man and start thinking like Rich Man. You know what they say “as a man think a man does”.If you don’t like what you do change it  and do what you Love! And stop thinking like a poor man.



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Happy Fathers Day! From IamSteveBrooks, I Am A good Dad!

Happy Fathers Day

I got a call from my oldest daughter today she said happy fathers day to the Greatest Dad in the World.Happy fathers day I got my fathers day cards. But the call made my day. I to want to say happy fathers day, to  all the great fathers out there.

I’m not talking about the ones that are not in there kids lives. Continue reading “Happy Fathers Day! From IamSteveBrooks, I Am A good Dad!”

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MyEcon Teaches You How To Stop Overpaying Taxes

Stop being underpaid with myecon

More Knowledge From Mr. Keith Tucker a True myecon leader breaks it down like this to stop Overpaying Taxes and not be underpaid!
To stop being underpaid. You must 1st get a  MyEcon business!!! As long as you are trying to make a profit and you follow the IRS’s Byzantine rules on  taking and documenting your business expenses. What job pays the most is not enough.

But with the MyEcon Expense Organizer that you get with your business. You then can write off your business expenses (necessary, ordinary and reasonable, of course).

The irony of this approach is that you are already paying most of these expenses now; the use of your car, entertaining, vacationing, etc. When you perform the same activities with a business objective, they magically become business deductions. Helping you from overpaying taxes and being underpaid.

With myEcon will not be Overpaying taxes or be Underpaid.

Example. You drive your family to the mall on Saturday. That is clearly not a business expense. However, you stop to make a sales call or deliver product to a client near the mall.

That trip now becomes primarily a business use of your car and the government will allow you to write off approximately 51 cents per mile for business use of your car. 1,000 miles equals a $510 write off. This helps you from Overpaying Taxes and Being Underpaid!myecon

You go out to dinner with friends or do you take prospects or clients out to dinner, see the difference? The government will let you deduct ½ of the dinner’s cost, providing you properly support the expense with documentation.

MyEcon will teach you how to stop Overpaying Taxes and how to not be Underpaid. Certainly in the beginning, when you are getting your myecon business off the ground.

When you suddenly wake up and figure out how to re-characterize more of your personal expenses, you will probably lose money, at least on paper. But you won’t be underpaid.

You will actually spend the same money you were already spending on cars, entertainment, travel, etc. but you cleverly gave them a business twist, so now they are deductible.

HELLO!!!! Remember, when a business loses money the government allows it to write it off against other income. Can you think of any other income you might have to write off your losses against?

What job pays the most myEcon

Come on, think really, really hard! What about your salary. Your job or self-employment income! Right on! You can deduct your MyEcon business losses against that income. Saving You from Overpaying Taxes, and being Underpaid.

Do you know MyEcon can pay your kids to perform business tasks for you. You pay them a tax deductible salary as opposed to giving them an allowance! These tax write offs reduce your income taxes, meaning, you are not Overpaying Taxes.

This will allow you to get a much larger refund at the end of the year, right? But you are not going to have to wait. MyEcon can show you how to go into work the day after you start your MyEcon business and change the amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck and stop being underpaid.

Then by correcting your W4.In most cases, that will mean from $500-$1,000 more per month in your pay check. Your Instant Pay Raise without going through the hassle of asking your boss. Sales is one of the most enjoyable jobs that pays well.

MyEcon is changing lives, So make the smart move, learn Stop Overpaying Taxes and Being Underpaid join Myecon!
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Are You Over Paying Taxes and Being Underpaid!

paying Taxes

One of myEcon leaders Mr. Keith Tucker told me this today about paying taxes

Are you over paying taxes? When most people want extra money, they look for a better job or a part-time job. They don’t realize that 500-1,000 Extra dollars are theirs for the asking! myEcon has the solution.

A second job means more taxes. Most people do not even know how much income tax they really paid last year. How much tax did you pay last year?  See! If you are like most people, you will say the amount of tax you paid on April 15. Others will say none, they got a refund!

Most people are Underpaid because they are over paying taxes. It is amazing that so many people are unconscious of the fact that paying Taxes are their biggest expense. In most households, it totals more than housing, clothing and food.

To figure out how much tax you really paid, look at your pay stub and multiply the total taxes taken out, federal, state, local and social security, then multiply by 12 or 52, depending on whether you are paid monthly or weekly.

Add or subtract any additional payments you made on April 15 or deduct your refund from the annual total. Shocked? You should be, You are being Underpaid, and over paying taxes.

Ever heard of “Tax Freedom Day?” That is the day in the year when the average American has made enough money to pay his taxes for the year.
For most of the country, it is, ironically, approximately April 15. For heavily taxed North East states like New York and Connecticut. With their heavier tax burdens, it can be as late as May, 25!

Think about it. You are working on your job as much as 40% of the time, just to pay your taxes. That translates to working Monday, Tuesday and until 3:15 PM on Wednesday, every week, just to pay your taxes!

Think About This When Paying Taxes

Looked at another way, each day you work from 9AM-12:20PM just to pay your taxes! When you calculate take home pay after taxes. You are being Underpaid and over paying taxes.

How would you like to be able to stuff a lot of that money back into your wallet? You worked hard for it, don’t let the government confiscate it. Especially when you see the preferential treatment others get from our friend, Uncle Sam.

When time to pay income tax. The myEcon business owner, as opposed to the lowly employee; is under a very different, very lenient income tax system! You are not being Underpaid!

Don’t believe it? What percentage of all of the income taxes paid in this country by individuals and businesses is paid by corporations. You know, big businesses like Exxon, Halliburton, Mobil, etc?

Start A Business And Save On Paying Taxes

Seven (7) percent! How do they get away with that? Don’t get me started! But rather than complain, join them. As Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the Rich Dad series says, it is easier to bend the system your way than to break it. Learn how To stop Over paying Taxes and being Underpaid!

If you are a myEcon business owner, even part time, myEcon business owners can write off all of your necessary, reasonable and ordinary (IRS lingo) business expenses. And use minimum income to pay taxes.

If there is any money left in the myEcon business, you pay taxes only on that amount. That means the myEcon business owner has paid all of his/her salaries, travel, transportation, benefits and entertainment with before tax income.

If he/she has actually spent more than the business brought in. As it happens most of the time in a new business. He/she not only has no income tax to pay, he/she can write off the “loss” against other income, and stop over paying taxes.

Whoa! Did you get that? A business pays all of its expenses and if they exceed its income, can deduct that amount from other income. Which means you will not be Over paying Taxes or Underpaid.



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Hello World! I am Steve Brooks!

Hello world Hello World

Hello World! I am Steve Brooks. I live in Phoenix, AZ, but I’m originally from Detroit Motor City. I served 4 years in the U.S Navy and have visited a lot of places. I’ve been living here in Phoenix since 2003.

I got into Network Marketing back in 2000. It’s was something I had never heard of. I always new that in sales you could make a decent living. Hello world it is me. Continue reading “Hello World! I am Steve Brooks!”

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