MLM Companies Which Is The Best For You?

What Is It That mlm companies Do?

Image of MLM companies

There are a lot of mlm companies out today . Some new and a lot that have been around for a long time. Most offer the same or similar products and services. You have your coffee, vitamins, water, diet pills drinks ect. . . They all are direct sales companies.  I’m sure you have been asked by someone to become affiliate or distributor and join their team. Continue reading “MLM Companies Which Is The Best For You?”

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Capitalistic Society In America I Love It!

This Capitalistic Society Is Cool


Image of a capitalistic Society

America is a Capitalistic Society meaning that it’s the big business owners that set the prices on the product and services that we need and use. In a Socialist Society the Government sets the prices. In America anyone can become a millionaire. You can become a business owner and sell products or services. The more you sell the more you make.

Continue reading “Capitalistic Society In America I Love It!”

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Other Peoples Money Is The Only Way To Get Paid

You Get Paid Off Other Peoples Money

Image of other peoples money-iamstevebrooks


The only way you make money is off of other peoples money. No matter what you do in life this is how your money is earned. You go to work building another’s empire investing your time for money. Then you spend this earned money on the things you need to live and survive in this world.

You need to start getting Other Peoples Money to help build your empire. Continue reading “Other Peoples Money Is The Only Way To Get Paid”

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Inflation Is Stealing Your Money!

Inflation Is Stealing Your Money

Inflation is stealing your money faster then you can make it. My mentor Brian Beane explains in the the video. Your Job Alone Is Not Enough. Along with taxes, debt and big businesses. Things are costing a lot more these days. What you could by for twenty dollars five years ago; you’re paying $30-$35.

Even when you get a pay raise at work inflation is way ahead of you. Continue reading “Inflation Is Stealing Your Money!”

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Your Motivation Comes From Your Current Situation

Your Current Situation Should Be your motivation

Image of winners vs loosers your motivation Iamstevebrooks


Did you know your motivation should come from your current situation. Life has up and downs. Highs and lows. One thing for sure is that you need more then one income in today’s world. Inflation is way ahead of your pay already. Things cost more today. Continue reading “Your Motivation Comes From Your Current Situation”

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Sales vs Marketing, What Works For You?

Sales vs Marketing Which Are You Doing?

Sales vs Marketing are similar but different. Brian Beane(my mentor)breaks it down in the video above. See in Sales you’re trying to induce someone into buy a product or service you offer. Marketing is putting out information about a product or service you offer. Then work with those they want to know more. Continue reading “Sales vs Marketing, What Works For You?”

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Poverty In America And Working Full Time

Image of POTUS <u>Poverty In America</u>

Poverty In America Facts

Poverty In America is real. A lot of people are working full-time jobs but are still struggling. Sometimes robbing Peter to pay Paul. Living paycheck to paycheck. This can be very stressful and cause a lot of problems.

The main cause of this is a lack of financial education. Continue reading “Poverty In America And Working Full Time”

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