Inflation Is Stealing Your Money!

Inflation Is Stealing Your Money

Inflation is stealing your money faster then you can make it. My mentor Brian Beane explains in the the video. Your Job Alone Is Not Enough. Along with taxes, debt and big businesses. Things are costing a lot more these days. What you could by for twenty dollars five years ago; you’re paying $30-$35.

Even when you get a pay raise at work inflation is way ahead of you. Continue reading “Inflation Is Stealing Your Money!”

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Your Motivation Comes From Your Current Situation

Your Current Situation Should Be your motivation

Image of winners vs loosers your motivation Iamstevebrooks


Did you know your motivation should come from your current situation. Life has up and downs. Highs and lows. One thing for sure is that you need more then one income in today’s world. Inflation is way ahead of your pay already. Things cost more today. Continue reading “Your Motivation Comes From Your Current Situation”

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Sales vs Marketing, What Works For You?

Sales vs Marketing Which Are You Doing?

Sales vs Marketing are similar but different. Brian Beane(my mentor)breaks it down in the video above. See in Sales you’re trying to induce someone into buy a product or service you offer. Marketing is putting out information about a product or service you offer. Then work with those they want to know more. Continue reading “Sales vs Marketing, What Works For You?”

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Control Your Financial Future!

Take Control Of Your Financial Future


Change your <em>Financial Future</em>

Your Financial Future is caught up in your time. If you get up and go to work everyday trading your time for money. Building another’s empire. Then you need to make a change now. You get paid for the time you work that job trading time for money. Continue reading “Control Your Financial Future!”

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Poverty In America And Working Full Time

Image of POTUS <u>Poverty In America</u>

Poverty In America Facts

Poverty In America is real. A lot of people are working full-time jobs but are still struggling. Sometimes robbing Peter to pay Paul. Living paycheck to paycheck. This can be very stressful and cause a lot of problems.

The main cause of this is a lack of financial education. Continue reading “Poverty In America And Working Full Time”

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Let’s Talk Pay Systems, Which is Yours?

Lets talk Pay systems

First of all pay systems are like this. Wealthy People the (1%) get.. 1) Leveraged Income- Get paid off other peoples time, talent, education, and leadership… 2) Residual Income- Get paid multiple times for work done once.. Pay less taxes…
Second the Poor also the Middle Class people- (99%) Linear Income- Work 1hr, get paid 1hr, work 1 week, get paid for 1 week, don’t work don’t get paid…. Continue reading “Let’s Talk Pay Systems, Which is Yours?”

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3 Ways to Get Paid, Which One Are You?


3 ways to <strong>Get Paid</strong>

How Do You Get Paid

There are 3 ways that you can get paid . The first is as a W2 employee that works for someone building their empire. This is the bracket most Americans are in. Programmed to focus on finding that good j.o.b. (just over broke) with good benefits. Some people have two or three. Continue reading “3 Ways to Get Paid, Which One Are You?”

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Go For It Success is Achievable

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Success Is Not Guaranteed Unless You Go for it

To become successful in life you have to go for it. First of all nothing in life is guaranteed. To attain success in anything takes dedication, commitment and focus.

To achieve it you have to believe it. Focus on what and where you want to be in life. Life is short and moves very fast. Continue reading “Go For It Success is Achievable”

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Bad Credit Is Costing You Money So Let’s Fix It

Image of <u>Bad Credit</u> eraser


Bad Credit Is Costing You Money

First of all Bad Credit is costing you money by having you pay higher interest rates. Rates on home and auto loans are affected by your credit. It can cause employers not to hire you. You’ll have higher insurance premiums and pay larger deposits for rent. If your credit is to bad you won’t be able to qualify for most of these things.

Continue reading “Bad Credit Is Costing You Money So Let’s Fix It”

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