Pay Yourself First To Create Wealth!

Pay Yourself First To Create Wealth!

What Does It Mean To Pay Yourself First


Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself First to create wealth. Just like you pay your rent, mortgage, electric, water and gas bills. You have to start paying yourself first. If not you’ll be working for money all your life; and will never have your money working for you. You’ll continue living check to check until you die. Is that what you want out of life? Just to work pay bills and die broke!!

If you start to Pay Yourself First you can start investing in yourself. You can then start buying investment properties, stocks, bonds and other income increasing assets. Which will have your money working for you even while you sleep. Most have been taught to go to school, study hard get a high school and degree. Work that job for forty years and retire to the good life.

Well that’s a bunch of bull. Your job is not enough, because inflation, taxes and big businesses. These are taking the income you need to be putting away enough to retire. Prices are going up on things everyday. You get a yearly pay raise but inflation eats that up very fast. Some work long hours for extra income which means you’re gonna pay more taxes. Pay Yourself First to create wealth.


Why Should You Pay Yourself First

Did you know, to build wealth, then you must put emphasis on your finances? Most people are waiting for their ship to come in ( lottery, casinos, games of chance, ect. . ., but they haven’t launched any ships. They want the plants to grow but they haven’t planted any seeds. Be like the farmer and plant lots of seeds and realize that some might not come up, but the more you plant the more you get. Start by Paying Yourself First.

Quit wasting your time on these get rich quick schemes. The only ones that are getting rich are the Casino owners and their stock holders. Invest in yourself and Pay Yourself First. Learn what you need to break the paycheck to paycheck life you’re living now. If not you’re in for a long hard life. The world is changing and it’s time for you to wake up and know a 9-5 will not make you wealthy.

There is nothing wrong with a job. You’ll need it so you can pay yourself first and to pay your bills. But your job is not enough. Most people look at Network Marketing as a Pyramid Scheme. But will take a job as an entry level employee and not see that a job is the real Pyramid. You get paid the least and the owner pays you for your time. Pay Yourself First and find a way out.

How To Pay Yourself First

The best way to create the extra income to Pay Yourself First is to start a home based business and take advantage of the tax breaks that being a business owner gives you. You can use these to offset the taxes that are being taken out of your paycheck every payday. Most people fill out their W2 wrong and year in and year out.

Instead of waiting on your money at tax time learn how to keep more of your money. Then you can start to Pay Yourself First and start making a change to your life and lifestyle. When you were young you had dreams of what you wanted your life to become. Let me ask you are you living your dream? Has your dream became a nightmare? Or have you stopped dreaming all together and have given up?

Never give up on your dreams, KFC Founder Colonel Sanders didn’t start KFC until he was 65. He never gave up on his dream. I bet his family members are glad he didn’t either. He probably put a little money aside from his paycheck to open his first store. Why would you work a part time job? Which takes up more of your time, have you paying more in taxes, and helping to create another persons brand? Build your brand and start by Paying Yourself First.

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