Pay No Taxes Like The The Wealthy

You too can Pay no taxes As The Wealthy Do

Do you know why the wealthy pay no taxes? June Collier explains in the video above.This is because most are business owners. Which allow them more tax deductions then a W2 employee. As a W2 employee you can only deduct the taxes you pay on your house, you get a tax credit for getting married. You also can get a credit for having kids, also you can make charitable donations to reduce the income you report when you file.

People get upset when President Donald Trump said he pays no taxes. Instead of getting mad, they should have been asking “How can I do that?”. Well to pay no taxes like him and many other wealthy people you need to start a business. This will allow you to get all the tax breaks a business owner gets.

You don’t have to start a brick and mortar business or franchise. It can be a business you start from home. This is much cheaper then a franchise or brick or mortar. Most home-based businesses have a low start cost. You only have to work the business a few hours a week with the intent of making money.

You Too Can Pay No Taxes

With a home-based business you can deduct a percentage of your household expenses. Things like your lights, gas, electric also your phone bill cell or home. You also can deduct the taxes you pay on a vehicle you purchase along with the mileage you drive while working your business.

So if you do start a business from home while working a W2 job you can change your W4 which would allow you to bring home more money. This is money that you have been overpaying year in and year out. You need to get smarter and do as the wealthy and start to pay no taxes. This money you overpay can be used yesterday instead of at tax time. Image of pay no taxes

Taxes along with inflation with the debt you incur is what is stopping you from creating wealth. You need to work on getting rid of your debt. This will allow you to stay ahead of inflation. You’ll need to start to create wealth for yourself and your family. Eliminating your debt will allow you to invest more for your retirement.

Learn How To Pay No Taxes

Like I said earlier starting a business from home is the easiest way to pay less taxes, eliminate your debt, so you can start to increase your wealth. Most all the US Congress and Senate have a business and take advantage of business owner tax breaks to offset the income they earn. Their way to reduce their earned income.

Why not do like they do also. You can keep doing what you do now, which is to keep overpaying your taxes. Then wait till tax time to get a refund on your money. Wake up people, the wealthy pay little or pay no taxes at all. Why do you have to? You don’t do like the smart ones do start a business, learn to keep most of your money today.

Don’t waste time. Stop working just on someone else dream and building their empire. Start a business from home, work on building your own empire. You should want more out of life. America is a Capitalist country. Meaning you can have what you want, live the life you want, So do like the wealthy do learn to pay no taxes.

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