The Silent Killer You Need To Avoid!

The Silent Killer You Need To Avoid!

the silent killer

The Silent Killer that I’m referring to is inflation. It is the number one killer of your finances. Have you seen the price of gas going up due to the hurricanes? I remember when gas was less then a dollar. As a kid my mom would give me a dollar to go to the store. With that dollar I could buy a soda, chips, cookie and penny candies. Try that today the silent killer won’t even allow you to pay for the soda.

Have you also noticed how much groceries cost these days. It’s getting hard to make ends meet. Because the silent killer has most living paycheck to paycheck. Working overtime and adding part-time jobs just to have the things you need to live. Living off credit cards and helping the second killer (Debt) which is not silent.

Don’t have a crisis. Where you need money fast you end up robbing Peter to pay Paul or take out a loan (creating more debt). Then you add interest into the mix and you see why most can’t create any real wealth. With taxes, inflation and debt it’s what keeps most working up until they die.

How To Avoid the silent killer

To avoid the silent killer you need to become a business owner. You see if gas goes up the trucking companies that deliver merchandise and goods to stores will charge more. The business owners then raise their prices to offset the increase their being charged. You end up paying more all because of this . The consumer is the one effected the most. We are the ones left holding the bag.
That’s why coupons are in big demand. everyone can use a discount. Lots of people are looking for more and more ways to save money, They are trying to avoid inflation  with not much luck. You see you can’t control inflation unless you own a business. Being that America is a Capitalistic Country business owners set the prices all in part to supply and demand. Think of what happens during Christmas; the hot toy due to supply and demand if you don’t get it in time you may end up paying 3-5 times more for it.
Get ahead of inflation and become a better consumer. Buy the things that you need and try to stay away from the wants. Quit trying to keep up with the Jones’s and do the things that make you happy. You don’t need to buy the Iphone 8 when the I7 works just fine. I know we all like nice things but remember to pay yourself first and start creating real wealth. A gym shoe collection is not real wealth. Wake up and invest your money wisely.

Start A Business To Help You With The Silent Killer

Like I was saying earlier business owners don’t control the silent killer, but they do know how to pass the buck. In today’s world it’s so easy to start your own business from home I’m surprised that more people are not doing it. When you do start a business from home. You can control how much taxes they take out of your paycheck. This will allow you to bring home more money every time you get paid. It’s called Income-Shifting. Have you heard of this?

You don’t have to do anything different from what you are currently doing now. You just have to work your business 3-5 hours a week; with the intent on making money. You get to take the same tax deductions that all business owners qualify for. Do this and you’ll not only offset the silent killer but also can start to change your life.

Did you know? Inflation is stealing your money faster then you can make it. Your Job Alone Is Not Enough. Along with taxes, debt and big businesses. Things are costing a lot more these days. Taxes are taking your money before you get it. Learn​ about income-shifting, and increase your take home pay!!! You have to try to avoid the silent killer.

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