The Struggle Is Real Why Am I Broke

The Struggle Is Real Have A Good Job

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The struggle is real you work a good job making good money but you’re just getting by. I can understand where you’re coming from. Inflation, taxes, debt and big Businesses are what’s stopping you from becoming a millionaire.

You gross $75000 on your job. After taxes, along with your other deductions you’ll be lucky if you bring home $60000. Then with America being a Capitalist country. You can be all you can be. Business owners get to set their own prices for the products and services we want and need.

That’s why the same soda you purchased for a quarter 30 years ago. Now cost you a $1.79. Thirty years ago you could have brought 4 soda’s for a dollar. Today you can’t buy that same soda with a dollar. The struggle is real. You need to learn to keep more of your money.

I Know the struggle is real 

Trying to live off one paycheck with the cost of things today. Well it can wake you up fast and make you realize you need more. Miss a day from work without pay.  What if you’re sick or have a family emergency. Can you take off without being paid.

A lot of people (not you) are one check away from the poor farm. Not broke but waiting on payday. Taking out loans with high interest rates just to live. This is not how the American Dream is supposed to be.

It all started back in school where you were told. Go to school get a good education. Then you’ll be able to get a good job or take up a trade. Most never got a financial education. Education on how to manage money and create wealth.

You See Why the struggle is real

Inflation is the one thing you need to take control of to stop the struggle. You need to get out of debt so you can invest and have your money keep you ahead of inflation. Uncle Sam will help you get control of your debt.

They do this by offering you tax credits. You get a credit if you get married. A credit if you have a child. Another if you own your home. They’ll also give you tax credits like big business owners for starting a business from home.

You see most Business Operating cost are tax deductible. So if you’re working a W2 job, starting a home business can increase your take home pay $300-$600 a month alone. So know the time to make a change is now. No longer will you say The Struggle Is Real.

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