Two Financial Objectives You Need To Live!

Two Financial Objectives You Need To Live!

What Are Financial Objectives


Financial Objectives-iamstevebrooks.comThe two Financial Objectives that are needed to live a productive life are. You need to earn enough income to take care of your daily needs, and when you retire. You need to earn enough $$$ to do things.Like pay your rent or mortgage, lights heating and cooling of your home. Enhance your financial objectives.

Food, clothes and if you have a family it’ll cost you even more.Then you’ll need income to take care of you when you can no longer work. If you’re on the 40-40-40 plan ( work 40 hours a week for 40 years and retire off 40% of your income) it no longer works. enhance your financial objectives. Don’t believe me next time you’re in Walmart; ask the greeter did it work?

Inflation is one of the biggest thing that is affecting your financial objectives. You may get a pay raise but inflation, and taxes makes that seem like a drop in the bucket. Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Some are working two and three jobs just to make ends meet. You were not born to work pay bills and die. Remember your dreams is this the life you wanted? Enhance your financial objectives.

You Need To Enhance On Financial Objectives

Big businesses set their own price on merchandise that is in high demand. We as consumers pay what the price. This they blame on inflation because prices keep going up. Then as a W2 employee you pay the most taxes. You need to get smart and start income-shifting,  Learn how to keep more of your money you work for and stop over-paying your taxes.

Enhance your financial objectives so you can retire and not end up as a Walmart greeter. Life is short and moves very fast most aren’t prepared to retire. Most companies now no longer offer pensions. You have to invest into your 401K which most companies match you up to the first 6%. But a lot of people are not investing, or preparing for the future.

The financial objectives of your daily living, inflation and taxes are causing an income shortage and not leaving enough to invest for the future. Social Security will not be enough to live on, you need to plan better for your future. Start a business from home and learn how to offset your taxes ( Federal, State,City). A home based business has a lower start up cost a lot cheaper then a brick and mortar business.

Non Financial Objectives Of A Business

With a home business you just have to put in 3-5 hours a week to take advantage of over 400 tax breaks that being a business owner gets that a W2 employee doesn’t. You really don’t have to change your lifestyle with the right business. You just have to know how to change what you do to business expenses and have a good way to track your income and expenses. Enhance your financial objectives.

Now Im not talking about just winging it in your business, you have to work hard to build your business and help you offset your financial objectives that are causing you to live check to check. Most of the time it’s not your payday it’s bill payday. Most people need and want more. What are you waiting on? Do you want to work all of your life and die broke and in debt? Loosing out to your financial objectives.

Let me ask you. If I can show you a cashflow system that could:
1) Lower your taxes by 40%
2) Help you pay off cars, credit cards, SL with the help of Uncle Sam
3) Have the opportunity to build Passive and Residual Income
4) For the less then $35 a month
5) Would you take advantage and learn about Income-Shifting and help others do the same?
Want to learn how to enhance your financial objectives?

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