What, You Didn’t Know You Were In A Pyramid!

you didn't knowFor Real You Didn’t Know?

Well in case you didn’t know you were in a Pyramid. I’m in Detroit the Motor City for my mothers 71st Birthday bash. I am very blessed and elated to be able to enjoy this occasion.

Last night I was with a very close friend of mine I’ve known since the 5th grade. Him and his lady friend we’re me  asking how things were in Phoenix, AZ  and what kind of work I do in Arizona.

When I told her that I hustle hard everyday. She asked me to explain that in more detail. I told her I’m a Network Marketer. That I make money when people join my business. She said “That sounds like one of them  Pyramid things.” Oh my god no she didn’t. I said here are facts you didn t know.

Something you didn t know

What she didn’t know was that she’s in a Pyramid.I told asked her were pyramids bad? She said yes. Then I asked her was money bad? She said no.

I showed her the back of a dollar bill(where there’s a pyramid) and said if pyramids are so bad why would they put it on money? I also let her know that pyramid schemes are bad, but not pyramids. You didn’t know that pyramids are almost impossible to destroy, some stuff you didn t know.

When I explained all this to her not only did she realize that she was in a Pyramid, but also that she was at the bottom. See a lot of people look at Network Marketing and call it a Pyramid scheme.

If you didn t know

What they fell to see that they are already in the biggest Pyramids out they’re it’s called a job. Let me explain, see you get hired into a job then you are introduced to your boss, team leader,supervisor ect…

What you didn’t know. See they are over you and you report to them right. Well they have a boss, and there boss has a boss and so on till you get to the Owner or Board of trustees that run the company.

What, You Didn’t know you were in a Pyramid. And if your not a boss your at the bottom of this job Pyramid. So you can call my business a Pyramid scheme if you like. I’m on the Top. and anyone under me can build a bigger business then mine. They will be at the Top of there on Pyramid. What you didn’t know.


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