Wisdom And Knowledge Creates Wealth

You’ll Need wisdom and knowledge To Create Wealth



Wisdom and knowledge is needed to create wealth. As my Mentor Mr. Ivey Stokes states in the video. You need to gain knowledge and wisdom to change your life. You have to have the right mindset before you become wealthy. If not as fast as you get it you’ll loose it.

Life is short you don’t want to work all your life to just get by. You don’t want to always having a boss. To create wealth you’ll need to become a boss. Not a boss for another’s business. Create your own empire and start making boss moves. Build your own empire.

Being a Boss takes wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge comes from taking the time to learn something new. Wisdom is learning from your past. Take a look at your family tree, has anyone create enough wealth to better the family. You know like set up a college fund for those that want a degree but can’t afford the high cost of college.

Wisdom and Knowledge Can Be Obtained

The Bible states that if you ask you shall receive, also that through knowledge and understanding you can become wealthy. It doesn’t say you’ll just get by it says you’ll be allowed to become wealthy. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of just getting by. Everyday I  obtain knowledge to better my life and life style.

I want more out of life then to work and die. Me myself, well I’m working on building my brand, building my empire. I’m working on leaving a legacy for my kids, kids,kids,kids. Some say that more money causes more problems. This may be true but money solves more problems then it causes. I read books watch videos and expand my knowledge on things that will benefit me and others. Then share it to the masses via this blog. Image of wisdom and knowledge

In the tech age that we’re in these days most have a smartphone, tablet or some other way to connect to the world wide web. Wisdom and knowledge is available to most, anytime they want to search for it. You can just about learn about anything you want to know about.

Use The Internet To Expand Your wisdom and knowledge

The internet is one of the best ways to gain wisdom and knowledge. You can learn something new on just about anything you like. Don’t tell me you don’t want to become wealthy, You may not want to, but you’ll need to or you will be working for money until you die. Is this what you want?

With the way people play the lotteries, frequent the casinos, go to church every Sunday praying for a financial blessing, A lot of people wish they were wealthy. The only one that’s getting wealthy are the states that run these games of chances. The casino is in business to make money not to make you wealthy.

Wake up stop wasting your time and money on these games where the cards are stacked against you to loose. Get smart start a business working from home. Quit overpaying your taxes. Use the money you can earn from saving money on your taxes to eliminate your debt so you can start to build your wealth. The first thing you need to do is to gain Wisdom and Knowledge fast.

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