Your Network Determines Your Net Worth

Your network Can Make You Money

Your network


Did you know your network determines your net worth? Take a look at your core group of friends you spend the majority of your time with. If you have 9 broke friends if you’re not already you’ll soon be number 10.

To change this you have to change your network. First thing you need to do is to change your thoughts. Get with the right people that are tired of being broke, the ones that are looking to better themselves. You need a core group of at least four people that are ready to, willing and able to help you create wealth.

You get paid off of other people’s money. This means you have to offer a product or service that will be a benefit to others. Then you will have to drive organic traffic to this product or service to make money. Sounds easy right? To build up your network, let me tell you it’s not any easy task. If so everyone would be making money online.

You Need To Build Your network

There are many ways to build a network, but the fastest way to do this is via the social sites. Facebook is the biggest with over a billion people. Then you have Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat ect. . . You can connect with people 24/7 365 to build your network, there’s always someone on these sites.

Meetup is a good way to build your local network. They offer all types of groups that will allow you to connect with people in your area with like interest. If you don’t find any in your area you can create one and start building your network. This will allow you to see what ideas or source people are using to change their lives.

Now on the social sites you can connect with people from all around the world. As I said earlier on the social sites someone is always online. A lot of people(not you) are not using these sites to increase their wealth. Most use it to connect with family, friends also co-workers. Some even need a prayer to get through a difficult time in their life.

Your Network Can Increase Your Net Worth

By networking with more people you’ll get more ideas on how to increase your net worth. Like I said at the start hang around broke people you’ll stay broke. Hang around negative people and they’ll tell you why you can’t. Stay away from these people, you know misery loves company. They will hold you back from new things, which you don’t need to hear.Image of your network via social media

With the right people you can increase your net worth. It’s time to stop just working and living day to day or paycheck to paycheck. To have more out of life you have to give and do more build your network. If what you’re doing now is not getting you where you want to be, need to be to be happy. Do something different. Start a business from home to help others change their life.

Not just any business take sometime to find the right business that will work for you. A business from home will give you the freedom to build it at your own pace. Build your brand, increase your network to increase your net worth

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